Shimon S.

Being involved in legal trouble is no fun for anyone. Shopping around for an attorney was probably the worst experience I ever went through because almost every attorney I met showed absolutely no empathy/understanding whatsoever, and tried to charge ridiculous retainer fees. I mean we all mistakes, its what you do after you make a mistake that really reflects who you are. I was then referred to Matin. Matin was very different than other Attorneys, maybe it was his confidence or maybe it was his overall demeanor, but I felt a completely different vibe, a reassuring one. Although he was very straight forward and didn’t sugarcoat anything he was sympathetic and understanding. Considering I was having some issues with my finances Matin worked out a FAIR, reasonable payment plan which allowed me to get me back on my feet rather than shelling out 10,000 just to look at my file. Although my charge was very serious (B-Felony) Matin found a way to drop it down to an A- Misdemeanor(As well as hard work on my behalf) where I avoided jail time completely. Today, I’m a complete free man, finished my probation and closing a tough chapter in my life. If it wasn’t for Matin, idk if I would be the man I am today. Thank you, Matin, for everything you have done, I wouldn’t say you saved my life but pretty darn close!
– Simon